Where is the Best Place to Advertise Your Restaurant?

App for Restaurants

John and Andrea Hutchins are on their way to their granddaughter’s birthday dinner. Andrea is looking out the passenger window to hide a grin: she’s getting ready to prank John. He was supposed to have called the Fishmarket to ensure they had fresh lobster, Karen’s favorite dish. Andrea is certain he’d forgotten due to the unexpected flurry of activity just prior to hitting the road.

“The Fishmarket does have lobster, right?” she asked, eyes wide with feigned innocence.

“Damn! I completely forgot to check,” John said. “All that hooh-hah about Puddy peeing in my tee shirt drawer! That cat simply has –“

“Better taste than you do. She scored a direct hit on that awful striped shirt. Anyway, check this out.” Andrea pulled her cell out of her purse, tapped a few times and held it out to John.

One hand on the wheel, he scanned the screen. “Welcome to the Fishmarket!” it said above a photo of a plate full of huge shrimp that made him drool. Better yet, there was a “menu” button. He pressed it, typed “lobster’ into the search box, and bingo! There it was, listed under “Daily Specials”: “Fresh Florida Lobster.”

Andrea and John aren’t alone. People have been using their phones to locate nearby restaurants for years. RestoApp takes that simple search to a whole new level. Your clientele can check out your menu, receive push notifications for special offers, rate menu items, leave feedback for you – and share offers with friends!

Available for Iphone and Android devices, RestoApp personalizes the restaurant experience in ways other apps don’t. For new restaurants, what better way to promote than to share pictures of actual meals with an ingredients list? Nothing brings in more clients than an enticing meal photo, especially if they happen to be hungry when they receive it! Clients can check Yelp for reviews of established restaurants, and mark meals as “Favorites.”

In essence, you’re making it simpler for patrons to discover what’s on your menu for tonight and customize their experience by creating a Favorite meal list. The App for Restaurants has an attractive Admin panel for restaurant owners to upload pictures, type in and categorize menu items, and push announcements to clients. Please visit our site for features and pricing?

The iphone restaurant app provides excellent marketing at a fraction of the cost of advertisements. Don’t linger, sign up now and give your current clients a quick view of new specials to share with their friends as soon as possible, and watch as your reservation list grows exponentially.